Safe working loads

The safe working load is the maximum load to which the chain and accessories can be subject during use. The ratio between breaking load and safe working load is 4:1.


The chain is identified by a series of markings: the initials indicate the manufacturer and grade of resistance (G8 or G10). Components are identified by the safe working load in tons and EC marking.


The safe working load is not valid if any of the following factors occur:

  • twisting
  • deterioration due to wear and corrosion
  • jerking of loads
  • permanent deformations due to overloading or due to use at temperatures exceeding 200°
  • inclination angle exceeding the one prescribed
  • different use from those to which chain is destined


  • protect the chain on sharp edges
  • do not sling the load off centre

High resistance, long-link chains are also available to secure containers.
All our products are accompanied by test certificate, attesting the conformity of all technical features prescribed in the order.