Every order submitted to our company, implicates without reservation, acceptance of the following:

General terms of sale

1- All goods and products must be ordered according to the Standard, which means that the quality, diameters, dimensions, quantities and packaging must be the same as shown in our catalogues and price-lists. Technical information regarding loads, pitches, dimensions, tolerances, diameters, finishes, treatments, as well as quality, nature and packaging of our products and  goods indicated in the catalogue are intended to be indicative and are not binding to our company, which reserves the right at its own discretion to modify and improve the items without prior notice. For particular and specific uses, dimensions, tolerances, calibrations etc…the company must be advised in advance otherwise these orders will not be taken into consideration.
2- The orders will be considered operative only after our acceptance by the issuance of a written order confirmation.
3- The supply will be made exclusively according to the conditions, quantity and quality specified in the confirmation. The information indicated in the confirmation, or variant of confirmation, will prevail in every case over any other document. The client who does not intend to accept our terms, if different from his order, must inform us within three days from the date of confirmation. In this case the company will be free to accept or cancel the order, notwithstanding the confirmation. In processing each order a 10% plus/minus tolerance is allowed on the weight. This tolerance can extend up to 20% on orders for non-standard items. Our company is also free to make partial deliveries.
4- Minimum amounts – for  productive, commercial and administrative reasons, orders lower than 260,00 Euro (two hundred and sixty/00) net of all discounts, will not be taken into consideration unless paid cash on delivery. Our company reserves the right to modify this amount at any time without prior notice.
5- Prices and methods of payment are obligated to the parties according to the terms and prices fixed in the order confirmations of our company.

1- The supplies will be effected according to the conditions indicated in our catalogue or to those agreed upon with the client in each case and written in the order confirmation.
2- Special testing must be defined and agreed upon at time of order and indicated in the confirmation. They will be carried out at our works and are not to be considered binding under any effect. All testing expenses, including eventual tester’s parcel etc, will be charged to the client at cost.
3- Manufacturing, testing and delivery terms indicated in our confirmations are purely indicative and are not to be considered as a guarantee unless agreed upon and fixed at time of order; with the exception in the later case of any eventual force major arising at our works. Any eventual delays will not obligate our company to pay compensation for damages or to cancel all or part of the order, unless these consequences are decided and agreed upon when stipulating the order. Scarce availability or severe increase in prices of raw materials, energy black outs, lock-outs, strikes, and natural calamities are to be considered as force major and causes beyond our control even if our company will manage to carry on with its activity.

1- The goods, even if delivered at destination (with or without transport expenses debited in the invoice), are always to be considered ex-works (our factory or warehouse). For this reason the goods during transport are always at the  complete risk and responsibility of the client who, for any case of missing or  damaged material must contact the shipper who is responsible.

1- The client must check the quality and quantity delivered. No claims will be accepted after 5 (five) days from the delivery for visual defects, and after 15 (fifteen) days from delivery for eventual hidden defects. 2- In the event that the company may accept a claim (which must be presented in writing) its responsibility is limited only to the replacement of the defective goods or to repay the value of the items.3- In no case will a claim of any type permit the client to stop totally or partially,  the payment of the goods .

1- The customer is obligated to check the quality of the material purchased before using it; therefore our company is not responsible for any eventual damage occurred during the use of our products, even in the case of defects.
2- We decline every responsibility for improper use of our items. As written in art. A.1 we point out once again that, for materials with particular and special requirements, the client must inform the company at the time of order.

1- The company will accept returned products only after its specific authorization and the material must be returned CIF our factory or warehouse.

1- The payment for our supplies must be made to our administrative offices or to an authorized delegate. Payments by cheques, bills of exchange and other bills will to be considered open until completion of transfer. In the case of non-payment, even if partial, the client will be charged, for the numbers of days of the delay, with interest on delayed payment equal to 1/365 of the prime rate, increased by 3 (three) points plus a fixed contribution for running expenses.

1- In any case which the payment must to be effected, totally or partially, after the delivery of the goods, these remain the exclusive property of our company until completion of payment.

1- For any dispute the jurisdiction is that of the court of Brescia.

All technical information and characteristics shown in this catalogue are purely indicative and are not binding in any way Catenificio Rigamonti Srl, which reserves the right at its own discretion to modify and improve the items without prior notice.