Catenificio Rigamonti is one of the few European manufacturers of round link chains, among which chains in AISI 304 – 316L stainless steel, Grade 50, low-carbon steel and heat treated alloy steel. Catenificio Rigamonti’s products include chains for mooring, chains for the agricultural field, chains for zootechnical systems, chains for cow stables cleaning, chains for transport and chains used in other industrial food processing lines.

Catenificio Rigamonti, founded in 1929 and at its fourth family generation, grew its potentials over the years thanks to investments targeted to constantly improve products and services, and able to satisfy multiple needs of customers located in over 50 countries worldwide.

The monitoring and planning of production phases, from the procurement of raw materials certified by producers to heat treatment, finishing and storage processes of the finished product, ensure a punctual service to the customer, exceeding market standards.

The production process is based on automatic lines that can test the work quality in each phase: wire drawing, bending and linking are executed in millimetric compliance with the set model or reference standard, while final welding is supervised by the most modern electronic system.

The entire production is tested on specific tension machines at a double value compared to the set safety working load.

In conclusion, three destructive tests are performed on every production lot at our quality test laboratory, in order to ensure compliance with minimum breaking loads.

The corporate policy aims at consolidating customers’ trust and satisfaction, with the final result to ensure the punctual delivery of the product thanks to efficient and flexible staff.

The service has the purpose to provide consulting to customers, in terms of choice of raw materials, suitable treatments and needs to use the finished product.

Our trademark registered at EC and international level features three linked rings and contributed to promote Catenificio Rigamonti in all five continents, conferring the company increased reliability and competence.